WordPress For Course Creators

My No B.S. Secrets For Selling Your Courses Using WordPress.

Stress-Free, All Step By Step, No Experience Required.

Save Yourself Endless Frustration, Regrets and At Least $1,485

So you want to sell an online course. Or a digital course. Or whatever you want to call it.

And you have no clue what you’re supposed to do or use for any of it. Which means if you’re like most people, you’ll just end up using whatever your favorite influencer recommends…which means platforms like Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, Podia and others.

And then you’ll learn some bitter lessons. Like the marketing for these platforms is way better than the actual product. Like it’s a confusing pain in the ass to get anything looking or working the way that you want. Like there are certain things that you flat out can’t do. And like eventually, you’ll regret ever signing up for the platform in the first place.

But wait there’s more! If you decide to stop paying the platform, all of your stuff will disappear. All of your courses. All of your videos. All of your pages. All of your customers. Everything.

There’s a much better way. It’s called using WordPress instead. And even better than that, it can cost you less than $100 a year.

Why It's Better To Sell Your Courses Using WordPress

I’ll give it to you in one word: CONTROL.

With course platforms like Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, Podia and so on, you control NOTHING. If they don’t like the courses you’re selling or how you’re selling them, they can kick you out. If you don’t like the way something works, too bad, you’re out of luck. If they go out of business, sell their business or completely change their business model or pricing, you get screwed.

And like I said, if you don’t keep paying them every month or every year, all your stuff goes poof. Which is a sobering thought if you offer lifetime access to your courses, because 10 years from now your students will still expect access…and you’ll still have to be paying the platform to provide it.

WordPress could not be any more different, because you control everything. You can sell whatever courses you want, however you want. You can make things look and work exactly how you want. And for most people, it will cost you $10 or less a month to have it all.

To put it another way, using course platforms like Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific and Podia is a lot like the misery of having to fly across country on commercial airlines these days.

While using WordPress is like having your own private jet.

You’ve probably heard about WordPress (or maybe use it), but have been reluctant to use it for courses because it seemed too intimidating. I can fix that for you. I can make it goof-proof and stress-free. I promise. Even if you have zero experience.

Why Should You Believe Anything I Have To Say?

I’ve been creating and selling online courses since 2005. Millions of dollars worth of courses. Courses on all sorts of topics (read: not just courses about how to make money selling courses).

And I’ve done it all by myself. No team. No assistants. No one to run crying to if something doesn’t work. If I didn’t figure it out myself, I didn’t eat.

I’ve also consulted and worked with more digital course creators than I can count, including some of the biggest influencers out there.

What all this means is that I have a very unique skill-set and a very unique perspective. I’ve been knee deep in the mud of every tool, app and platform used to sell courses.

That means I know what sucks and what is good. What makes your life easier and what makes it more frustrating. And what will slow you down or speed you up when it comes to having success with online courses.

I am also keenly aware of all of the pain points that course creators face…especially if it’s all new to them and they are drowning in all of the tech.

But perhaps most of all, I just tell it like it is. No bulls***. No motivation porn. And I don’t tell people to use something just because I’m being paid a commission under the table.

If something sucks, I tell you not to use it. If something is good, I tell you to use it. 

And when it comes to online courses, I’m telling you that you’re going to be far better off by using WordPress.

"Dave Kaminski is hands down THE BEST around. He is my go-to for my digital course business. If you get the opportunity to learn from Dave, take it!"
Amy Porterfield
Host of Online Marketing Made Easy and creator of Digital Course Academy

And Now You Can Steal

My No B.S Secrets For Selling Courses Using WordPress

Okay, now that I’ve told you that course platforms suck and WordPress is good…and given you some of my street cred…here comes the part where I sell you on learning how to do everything in WordPress from me.

Told you I was blunt.

It goes like this. My course is called WP For Course Creators. 

And in it, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know and do for selling courses using WordPress.

But even better, I’m going to make it all stress-free. Just listen to what I say, watch what I do and repeat it yourself. That’s all you have to do.

You need no experience. You need no skills. You can be a total newbie.

I will save you months (maybe even years) worth of time, frustration, regrets and money. 

And here’s a closer look at how I’m going to do it…

With WordPress, You Have Lots of Options For Selling Courses

I'll Tell You What The Best Options Are and How To Use Them Step by Step

One of the big, big, big advantages of using WordPress for courses is that you have lots of options on how to do it.

But having all of those options can also lead to a lot of confusion. Which options are best? Which options should you avoid? What’s worth spending some money on and what can you use for free?

In WP For Course Creators, I’m just going to cut out all of the marketing bulls***  teach you the 4 best options for course creators in the real-world:

Free and Basic

This will be the quickest way for you to start selling courses using WordPress. You won't get bells and whistles with your courses, but it's fast and free. And I'll show you how to do it step by step.

Free and Advanced

This will give you extra bells and whistles with your courses (by bells and whistles I mean things like quizzes, certificates, ratings, student analytics and so on). I'll show you how to do it step by step.

Not Free and Basic

This is another really quick way to start selling courses on WordPress, but it's not free. By not free, that means you'll need to spend some money because you'll get extra, premium features, but it won't cost anywhere close to what you'd have to pay a course platform like Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific or Podia. I'l walk you through it step by step.

Not Free and Advanced

Again, you're getting the extra bells and whistles (by bells and whistles I mean things like quizzes, certificates, ratings, student analytics and so on), but at a price because of extra premium features . And again, the price is nothing close to what you'd pay a course platform. And again, I'll walk you through everything step by step.

Here's The Bottom Line For You

You’ll get to see the best options available to use BEFORE you start selling your course. That means you can pick the best option FOR YOU from the get-go. Which means this part of the training is going to save you from months (or years) of misery.

I’m going to show you what your best options are, what you can and can’t do with them, what’s good and bad about them and how to get them set up and ready to sell your course in just one evening. I’m going to show you how to use each of these options, step by step. It’s as simple as that.

What About Sales Funnels, Order Bumps, Upsells and Downsells?

Yep, I'll Show You How To Do All of That Stuff Too

These days, everyone likes to get sexy with how they sell their courses.

For example, maybe you want to offer multiple payment options, like a one-time fee or monthly payments for your courses.

Maybe you want to use order bumps…this is where you basically say “do you want fries with that” as people are paying for your course.

Or maybe you want to use upsells or downsells with your courses. For example, an upsell would be offering a one-time discount on coaching immediately after someone pays for your course. And a downsell would be a lower-priced, but similar offer if someone declines your upsell offer.

Two points here. Point one is that setting up these things is typically a giant pain in the ass. Point two is that I’m going to make it dead simple for you (that means it won’t be a pain in the ass for you).

I’m going to show you exactly what to use, exactly how to set it up and exactly how to start increasing your profits by using them…without headaches or confusion.

Just listen to me, watch what I do and repeat it yourself. That’s it.

But I Don't Know The First Thing About WordPress or Techie Stuff

Relax, I'll Show You What To Do, Stress-Free

If there’s one thing I know about course creators, it’s that they are continually overwhelmed, frustrated and intimated by all of the tech involved with online courses.

Here’s the good news for you. Teaching tech is my specialty…that means taking confusing tech and making it dead-simple. 

Here’s the better news. In WP For Course Creators, I’m kicking it up even another notch. I’m going to walk you through and explain everything like you’re a 10 year-old. Do this, use this, click this. No guesswork, no confusion, no overwhelm.

For you that means that even if you don’t know the first thing about WordPress or are so allergic to tech that you can’t send a text message, getting your course online in Wordpess is going to be a breeze.

I’m going to make the entire process quick, painless and stress-free. It’s all going to be paint-by-the-numbers.

You're Going To Get Everything From A to Z For Selling Your Online Courses Using WordPress, All Wrapped With a Pretty Bow

Here’s the deal.

There’s more that goes into selling courses than just slapping videos on a page and saying “buy this”.

And when I say that WP For Course Creators covers everything from A to Z, I mean it.

For example, what should you use for video hosting? How do you get customer information into your email provider? How do you control what emails someone receives after purchasing? How to you set up pages where people can login or change their account settings? How can you keep people from stealing your course videos (a big problem). And the list goes on and on.

When it comes to all of these little details, most people end up with a Frankenstein-like-mess that is full of bugs and doesn’t work half the time.

No, no, no. I’m going to show you how to do everything, how to do it right and how to do it all step by step.

That’s another way of saying RELAX. Whatever questions you have running through your head, I’ve got your back. I’ve been selling courses for decades. I know what you need, I know what you need to know and I’m including all of it in WP For Course Creators.

Everything is in there. I promise.

I'm Also Going To Give You My Million Dollar Sales Page Template

Do you know what people really suck at when it comes to selling their courses? The sales page they use to sell their course.

So I’m going to make it super-easy for you by handing you my million dollar sales page template.

Why do I call it my million dollar sales page template? Because it’s the same sales page template I’ve used to sell millions worth of courses.

My million dollar sales page template is a page template that you can upload to your WordPress site…and then you just fill in the blanks.

Everything is already designed and laid out for you. Easy-peasy. I’ll show you step by step how to edit everything and make it your own.

The bottom line for you is that in just minutes, you’ll be using a sales page template that is proven to make sales (lots of sales).

And it’s all yours inside of WP For Course Creators.

And I'm Also Going To Give You My Million Dollar Checkout Template

Here’s the deal. 

When it comes to using WordPress to sell courses, there is one giant wart that no one ever warns course creators about.

And that wart is this. Out of the box, the checkout pages for selling courses on WordPress suck. They beyond suck…they’re hideous.

For you that means, when people go to the page where they sign-up for your course and give you their money, a lot of them are going to bolt because your checkout page looks too sketchy or untrustworthy.

So how about I fix that for you by giving you my million dollar checkout template.

Once again, this template has been proven through millions in course sales. And once again, all you have to do is upload this template to your WordPress site and fill in the blanks.

Everything is already designed for you. Just watch my step by step videos on how to use it and in just minutes, you’ll be using a million dollar checkout page for your own courses.

For you that means instead of losing sales, you’ll be making a lot more. Like a lot, a lot more.

And I'm Going To Give You Everything Without Bulls***

If you’ve ever taken any of my training courses, you already know this. But if you haven’t, let me tell you how I work.

I don’t mince words. I don’t waste your time. And I don’t make video lessons that are full of fluff, filler or useless information. I just give you everything point-blank, right between the eyes.

That means if you’re looking for complicated strategies that take up weeks of your time, this training isn’t for you.

And if you want motivation porn that makes you daydream about all of the money you’ll make selling courses, this is not for you.

However, if you’re allergic to bulls*** and would like to have someone show you how to set everything up on WordPress so you can start selling your course in just a few days (or even hours), then this is for you.

Or if you like to learn from short, actionable, step by step lessons that show you what to do so you can actually earn money selling courses instead of just daydreaming about it, then this is for you.

I’m guessing if you’ve read this far, that WP For Course Creators is for you. So to get started right now, see the sweet, limited time deal I’m offering below.

How Much?

WP For Course Creators is just $297 (or you can pay in two installments of $159).

For your small investment, you’ll get instant, unlimited, lifetime access. You can watch the training as much as you want, whenever you want and from wherever you want. Plus, you’ll be saving yourself a small fortune in time, money and headaches.

There are no hoops to jump through, no fine print, no upsells, no recurring billing and no other bull****. This deal is exactly what I say it is. You can get the instant, lifetime access right now for just $297 (or you can pay in two installments of $159).

To take advantage of this deal, just sign up below:

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