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The Best Video Lights You’ve Never Heard Of



Ahhh…video lights. The new headache everyone is dealing with as the world moves online for everything.

If you’re new to video lights, you’ll learn that you need them if you want to look even decent on video, whether it’s pre-recorded or over Zoom.

After that you’ll learn that they can be big and a major pain in the ass to place. And then you’ll learn that they can be blinding, especially if you’re sitting in front of them for 30 minutes or more.

Enter the Quasar Science tube lights. The are the same size as a florescent shop light bulb. Are specifically made for video. And are super lightweight.

That means you can mount them anywhere you like (like on your wall), where they’ll be out of your way, but ready for video anytime you turn them on.

But there are two drawbacks to these lights.

First, you’re going to need several of them…at least two for Zoom calls and four if you’ll be standing in front of a whiteboard.

And second, sometimes when they arrive at your door, they don’t work. That’s because a little wire inside of them becomes detached during shipment. If you’re semi-handy, you can quickly take the light apart and re-attach the loose wire. But if not, you’ll be disappointed that you’ll have to send them back for new ones. Just an FYI.

Here are the lights and brackets I mention in the video.

Quasar Science T8 (4 foot long, daylight)

Quasar Science Mounting Block


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