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The 5 Worst Email Service Providers – Are You Using One?



Email service providers (the service you use to build an email list and send emails to people, asking them to buy your stuff) are the most misunderstood services in the world on Internet marketing.

And that’s because everyone just uses the email service that someone (usually their favorite guru) tells them to use. Don’t do that. The person making the recommendation is doing it to earn an affiliate commission. And they are telling you to use a certain service because it just so happens that particular service pays the highest affiliate commission.

So how can you truthfully know which email service provider would be the best to use?

You pay attention to their delivery rates. That means how often the emails they send on your behalf, actually wind up in the recipients inbox.

Thankfully, there is a company called Email Tool Tester that performs unbiased deliverability tests on all of the major email service providers 3-4 times a year.

Here’s the link to their latest test, as of January 2023. By the time you’re reading this, that test may be out of date, so just head over to Email Tool Tester and search their posts for the latest test.

But don’t just take the latest test as proof of who is the best (or worst) when it comes to email deliverability. Things can go up and down in just a few months. So instead, pay attention to which email service providers consistently perform best over a period of time…like one year.


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