Learn Website and Marketing Tech Step by Step.

If you would like to master all of the tech involved with running your online business (so you don’t have to pay or rely on other people), my training courses are perfect for you.

You can watch them whenever you want, from anywhere in the world, as I walk you through step by step all of the confusing tech that comes with running an online business.

I’ve made over 12,000 tech related video tutorials, including tutorials for some of the biggest influencers out there. That means you won’t be disappointed in my training…I’ll actually make learning tech fun and easy for you!

Wordpress Websites Made Simple

  • Learn how to build or redesign your own modern, high-performing website in WordPress. I walk you through literally everything you need to know for building your website and your online business in WordPress. No experience necessary.

Crazy Good Video Tutorials

  • Learn how to make crazy good video tutorials for digital courses, YouTube, corporate training, online classes and more. Keeps your viewers engaged, make more sales, get fewer refunds. No experience necessary.
"Dave Kaminski is hands down THE BEST web specialist around. He is my go-to for my business. If you get the opportunity to learn from Dave, take it!"
Amy Porterfield
Amy Porterfield
Host of Online Marketing Made Easy and creator of Digital Course Academy

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