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How To Publish and Sell Books Without Using Amazon



Everyone wants to write a book these days, whether it be to promote their business or release the Hemmingway long simmering inside of them.

And if you’re going the self-publish route, you’ll probably end up on Amazon. Which means you’ll be shocked by the healthy cut Amazon is going to take from each of your book sales, as well as the hoops you have to jump through to get your book (and book cover) formatted for Amazon.

Isn’t there a simpler way to get a book published? One where you don’t have to order a zillion copies and could get just one copy of your book printed if you wanted to? And one where the whole formatting process was simpler?

Yes, there is. It’s called The Book Patch.

I’ve personally used them for multiple books over the years. And I can vouch that they are legit. You’ll have to wait a couple of weeks for your printed book or books to arrive (you can get just one copy if you want), but it will look and feel just like any book you’ll find at Barnes & Noble.

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