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How To Make Your Online Course Videos Searchable



Let’s say you have a digital course. Or online course. Or you’re teaching people through pre-recorded video. Or whatever you want to call it.

And you’d like to make your videos searchable. That means people can type in a word or phrase and see all of the parts of a video where that word or that phrase is used.

For example, let’s say I was watching a cooking video. And I just wanted to skip to the part where onions are chopped. So I type in “chop onions” and I can immediately see the parts of the video where that phase is used.

With the rapid evolution of AI (artificial intelligence), searchable videos are becoming more commonplace. And for digital course creators specifically, there are currently two options that work best.

The first is Searchie.io, which a lot of the big marketing gurus talk about (because they’ll earn an affiliate commission if you sign-up through their link). But it might be more than some people need, plus you’ll be handcuffed to a course platform if you use them.

The second option is not a course platform. It’s a video hosting service and is called Muse.ai. As a video hosting service, that means you are free to embed your videos wherever you’d like and you are not handcuffed to a particular platform.

I’ve personally been a customer of Muse for several years, starting back when they first launched their business in beta. And I still use them on a daily basis. That means I can vouch for them.

So if you want to make your online course videos searchable, I’d recommend checking out Muse first. And by the way, the link to them above is a straight link…not a sneaky affiliate link. You’re welcome 😉


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