Dave The Website Guy
Dave The Website Guy

Hey, I'm Dave

It Started In 1994

I made my very first sale online. It was over CompuServe or one of the few other Internet service providers at the time. And I sold a bronze statue of horse for $400, to someone who lived in Hawaii.

After shipping costs, I made less than $100 in profit. But it didn’t matter. I had just made money by doing basically nothing…and from someone who lived over 4,000 miles away from me. Light bulb goes off.

Next Came Websites

Back then, there were no fancy visual design tools like we have today. So if you wanted to build a website, you had to code it by hand.

And I taught myself how to do exactly that. Which then led me to building websites for other businesses, who were eager to become part of the whole, new Internet thing.

Next Came The Products

Since I already had proof that I could sell something online (at least a bronze horse statue) and I now knew how to build websites, I decided to try selling my own products. And after a slew of failures, I found something that worked; e-books. 

Of course back then, the technology for accepting credit card payments online and giving people instant download links to e-books didn’t really exist. So once again, I taught myself how to do it all. And I ended up selling over 30,000 e-books.

Next Came The Copywriting

By now, the Internet had heated up and become a big thing. That meant there were lots of competitors out there. And most of them, ripping off my websites and products.

So to standout from the competition, I knew I needed better marketing. Which really meant that I needed to get better at using words that sell.

Once again, I taught myself how to write sexy sales copy. And it got me noticed by other businesses that needed sales copy too. Thus began another mini-career as a direct response copywriter…where I wrote sales pitches for products that appeared in magazines, newspapers, postal mail and of course, on websites.

Next Came Video

I quickly got burned out writing sales copy for other people and around that same time, video on the Internet became possible.

And I knew right away that video would be far more lucrative than e-books, so turned my attention there.

Once again, I taught myself how to do web video, not only for digital products, but for marketing too. And my instincts were right…it was far more lucrative than e-books.

Then Came Everyone Needing Help

Once people saw what I was doing with web video, how I was incorporating it into websites and how I was using it to sell products, they wanted to know how I did it.

That’s when I founded Web Video University, specifically to teach people what I do. It was 2007 at the time and I had no clue that I was one of the first people in what was to become a 6 billion dollar industry.

Anyway, since then I’ve helped millions of people solve their online business problems…whether those problems be tech related, something to do with marketing, video, email…you name it. And people have always appreciated my straight-to-the-point, no B.S. style.

Here's The Point of All of This

I still sell my own products and services. A lot of them. Which gives me unique perspective and experience on what works and what doesn’t online.

But I’ve never stopped working with other business owners, helping them develop, market and sell their own products online too. Like, literally working with them one-on-one. Which gives me even more unique perspective and experience on what works and what doesn’t online.

That’s a round-about way of saying that I know my stuff. And my knowledge and skills don’t come from selling one product or to one market. My skills and experience cover the full spectrum of selling online.

And that makes me very unique in the world of marketers, course creators, website developers and wait for it…gurus.

So knowing this, my question is…how can I help you?

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